Utilizing a scaffold tower on the job makes your project a lot easier to complete, not to mention safer. Whether you are washing windows or building a house, scaffold towers provide you with a place to stand and hang your tools. They also offer you added height for hard-to-reach places like roofs. Get your scaffold tower from a reputable source such as Lerner or Boss and always remain safe.


Altamayaouz Scafolding Products - Mobile Tower .


Aluminum Mobile Tower

Double width aluminum mobile tower scaffold without stair:

A. all pipes are made up of aluminum alloy he 30 grade t6 temper.

B. Hidalgo make: step made up of 50mm od 2. 5mm thickness

C. h frame height 2500mm width 1450 mm

D. cabin height 1000mm width 1350 mm

E. platform size 580mm x 1690 mm with aluminum chequred sheet

F. hand rails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness

G. gi “u” clamp, nylon wheels with foot brake systems

H. outer trigger for four side corner (if necessary)

I. non slip, extra grip flat corrugated mullion steps

J. high quality leg grip chequred sheet for top of the platform

K. maximum working load : 270 kgs

1. Available height

A. Platform height 0. 2m x reaching height 4. 2m

B. platform height 4. 2m x reaching height 6. 2m

C. platform height 6. 2m x reaching height 8. 2m

D. platform height 8. 2m x reaching height 10. 2m

E. platform height 10. 2m x reaching height 12. 2m

F. platform height 12. 2m x reaching height 14. 2m

G. platform height 14. 2m x reaching height 16. 2m

3.Platform size A. platform 2.5 meter x 1. 45 meter.




Altamayaouz Scafolding Products - Mobile Tower

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